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Procedures at M Khan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery

Non-Surgical Procedures

List of laser procedures

Dr Khan specializes in Lasers, Mohs Surgery, various cosmetic surgeries including but not limited to Liposuction, leg veins, Cellulite treatment and correction of post-liposuction defects.

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Advanced Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss affects more than 40% of the general population. Its prevalence is more or less even among men and women. Although hair loss can affect any part of the body (eyelashes, facial hair, body hair etc.) but its mostly the scalp hair loss that most people seek treatment options for.

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Fractional lasers

The Fraxel laser system is considered one of the best available treatments for non-ablative fractional resurfacing of the face, neck, chest and hands. There are several different Fraxel procedures currently available to target different skin problems including but not limited to acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, skin surface irregularities, skin pores, brown spots and old scars.

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Get Holiday Ready

One’s face is the only thing a person sees the most over a lifetime. Looking at yourself in the mirror and loving what you see boosts confidence, improves your self image and in turn improves productivity throughout the day, everyday!

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Love your face

Everyday when we wake up to start a new day, the first thing a person looks at is his or her FACE. One’s face is the only thing a person sees the most over a lifetime. Wouldn’t it make sense to make your face your very own BFF? Its possible!

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Hand Rejuvenation

The desire to look fresher, younger and prettier with vibrant glowing skin is inherent in our DNA. And guess what? Its not only possible, its affordable as well. If you limit yours options to just face and neck then your hands will give away the age.

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Lip Augmentation

Well-defined rather fuller lips with a central pout are considered iconic and desirable. Some people are blessed with beautiful lips like Angelina Jolie that look beautiful at any age. For the most of us lips age as the rest of the face does. Some of the initial signs of aging include thinning of the upper lip followed by the lower lip, loss of central pout and subsequently loss or flattening of the cupid’s bow on the upper lip, drooping of the corners of the mouth along with the appearance of the fine lines around the lips.

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Cleavage Rejuvenation

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