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Procedures at M Khan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery

Revision Surgeries and fixing Liposuction Defects

Correction of Facial Asymmetries from defective Cosmetic Procedures:

M Khan: revision surgeries

Dr Misbah Khan has seen and treated a large number of patients who have been the unfortunate sufferers of botched plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures. According to Dr Khan, there are many explanations as to why patients may end up with results that are unnatural-looking, disfiguring or even life threatening.

  1. Pertinent medical/surgical history of the patient and the use of all medications (OTC, prescription, etc). It's best to postpone elective surgery/cosmetic procedure until medical clearance has been obtained and the patient is in good stable medical condition otherwise. A detailed history of all drugs consumed by the patient is extremely important. Failure to obtain a proper history or unwillingness on patient’s part to provide this information can lead to untoward outcomes and can be life-threatening.
  2. Choice of the cosmetic procedure: sometimes patients have a pre-conceived notion that a certain procedure or technique or a device can help cure all their cosmetic concerns. Although this maybe a valid argument, it’s very important to address each patient and their concerns on an individual basis and educate along the way.
  3. Failure to comply with post-operative instructions and lack of follow up visits with your doctor: Post-surgical care and follow up instructions are extremely important in achieving the desired outcome. Its important to maintain an open line of communication with your doctor and their staff in order to ensure complete healing and have regular follow up visits as suggested by the doctor.
  4. Unrealistic expectations: Sometimes patients have very high unrealistic expectations that can leave a patient feeling disappointed after the procedure is performed. Cosmetic procedures can be customized to address a certain problem or a concern that a patient might have but in a rather realistic fashion.
  5. Relying heavily upon social media, on-line reviews, free consults and “groupon” deals: Although social media can be a valuable tool in some aspects of cosmetic surgery, it can be quite misleading regarding true capabilities of a respective doctor. Providers with very high internet/social media profile are not necessarily the most skilled and vice versa. Online reviews can be a helpful tool but cannot be used as a sole measure for decision-making. Its best to meet with your doctor and address your concerns in person. An in-person consult visit is intended to get a medical advice from The Doctor who will be doing the procedure on you not their assistant/nurse. And remember, an advice is worth only what you paid for.
  6. Discounted procedures, black market and medical tourism: leaving the country for surgery discounts, undergoing enhancements with unapproved materials to save money and searching for better deals (price-shopping from door-to-door) can be a dangerous mistake. Such behaviors can make cosmetic surgery a tremendous gamble with major adverse outcomes. High quality cosmetic surgery, performed by board certified doctors, using FDA approved products typically involves a significant investment. Practitioners offering deep discounts on cosmetic treatments are likely cutting corners in some phase of the process.

Revision Liposuction

M Khan: revision-lipo


M Khan: revision lipo





The results of all procedures are patient specific and will vary depending upon patient's specific situation.