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Skin Conditions at M Khan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery

Acne and Acne Scar Treatment

Treatment of acne is largely dependent upon the type of acne and the patient him/herself. Treatment plans can vary from simple over the counter benzolyperoxide (BPO) based washes and salicylic acid based facial pads to prescription strength medications such as Retinoids, Antibiotics alone and in combination with benzolyperoxide (BPO) and oral contraceptives depending upon the patient and their acne.

Dr Khan recommends early treatment of acne as untreated acne can lead to scars. And scars are permanent!

The only way to prevent scar formation is to treat early and treat aggressively. Once the scars have developed, their appearance can be modified with procedures such as lasers for skin resurfacing (Fraxel), fillers to fill in the depressions from scars and surgical procedures like subcision to break down the scars and to soften them. Dr Khan might recommend a combination of various procedures as well, depending upon the severity of the skin condition.

If you are seeking treatment for acne and or acne scars, schedule an appointment with Dr Khan for a consultation visit.