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Mni-SIF: Procedures at M Khan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery

Mini-SIF™; Where Fillers fail and Fat wins

As a long-time innovator of aesthetic Fractional Lasers and a researcher of human adipose tissue (stromal fat), New York City-based Dermatologic Surgeon Dr. Misbah Khan has redefined Fat Grafting and Facial Rejuvenation to a point at which it can reverse tissue decay and sun damage suffered by the skin over a period of time.

Mini-SIF™ (Minimally invasive Stromal fat Injection and Fractional lasers) is Dr. Khan’s proprietary technique that’s specifically targeted towards preservation of youthfulness using the mathematics of the Golden Ratio (phi (Φ) 1:1.618). This technique can be used to rejuvenate facial profiles and asymmetries, scars, Liposuction defects, burns, body asymmetries as well as soft tissue disorders such as Parry Romberg Syndrome, Morphea and other lipodystrophies.

A combination of one’s own stromal fat and Fractional lasers helps to increase tissue mass, rebuilding volume in specific parts of the face (superficial and deep fat compartments) of an individual patient- in essence, to potentially alter cellular aging and dermal matrix by stimulating new collagen formation.

Natural tissue decay starts around the age of 22. The rate of tissue decay varies greatly and is largely influenced by lifestyle and genetics. “In any given patient with a rather steady weight profile, if you can restore their golden ratio using stromal fat and re-volumizing the exact same fat compartments where the fat is lost, you can change the trajectory of aging and start to reverse tissue decay,” says Dr. Khan. Furthermore, fillers can be used for volumization but they lack the ability to reverse tissue decay and cumulative sun damage of the skin, as they have no tissue regenerative properties.

Stromal fat can be further enriched using either platelet rich plasma (PRP) or platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). Activated platelets and fibrin matrices provide the grafted fat with a boost of growth factors that are essential in the first few days after fat grafting. Additionally, these growth factors can also be helpful in a faster recovery from deep Fractional laser resurfacing. Dr. Khan frequently uses a combination approach in same-day procedures for patients who are form out of town or from overseas.

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Before and After the procedure Mini-SIF

patient photo before Mini-SIF patient photo after Mini-SIF
patient photo before Mini-SIF patient photo after Mini-SIF
patient photo before Mini-SIF patient photo after Mini-SIF


The results of all procedures are patient specific and will vary depending upon patient's specific situation.


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